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CEEP Research Portfolio: 2015-16
CEEP Research Portfolio: 2014-15

Project Title: Financing Strategies for Decentralized Solar Power
Project Description: In recent years, a number of sustainable energy policy initiatives were proposed and implemented. These policies were focused on the regulatory and financial incentives stimulating PV deployment. With the maturity of the solar industry, the attention is shifting to public financing instruments facilitating credit quality enhancement and pool financing structures. These instruments would support the wider deployment of distributed PV systems and foster self-sustained PV markets with progressive phase-out of economic incentives. The paper analyzed these instruments and assessed their economic viability and their potential impact on the future PV deployment.
Project Advisor: John Byrne
Project Title: Institutional Challenges in the Development of Climate-Sensitive Technology: Realizing the Potential of Green Energy
Project Description: This project assessed the investment readiness of green energy technologies in developed and developing country context, and identified institutional capacity gaps in the public and private sectors that need to be addressed if the full potential to attract investments is to be realized. Policy options, institutional capacity-building measures, and innovative financing mechanisms were offered.
Project Advisors: Lawrence Agbemabiese and John Byrne
Project Title: DOE-NSF: Terawatt-scale Solar Economy
Project Description: CEEP research team is part of the Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies (QESST) research center supported by U.S. National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy (DOE). The QESST project is a collaborative effort with Arizona State University, Cal Tech, MIT, Georgia Tech, and other partners, to achieve a terawatt-scale solar economy. For this task CEEP team has developed a bottom-up PV diffusion model which evaluates effectiveness of financial and policy instruments to spur investment in different PV technologies (i.e., thin film, crystalline, CPV, multi-junction). The model is able to assess diffusion path of PV technologies under different end-use segments (residential, commercial, utility scale installations).
Project Advisors: Lado Kurdgelashvili and John Byrne
Project Title: Creating Sustainable Energy Utilities
Project Description: This project assists in the development of Sustainable Energy Utilities (SEU) in and beyond the U.S. Energy suppliers are highly organized and effective at delivering their products, while energy users who are interested in improving energy efficiency and/or shifting to renewable energy are faced with a fragmented array of actors. The SEU is conceived as the point-of-contact for energy users in the same way that a utility is the point-of-contact for energy supply. The SEU, a public/private partnership, provides a focal point for the development of low/no carbon strategies utilizing energy efficiency, conservation and onsite renewable energy to empower community-based energy change. FREE has been working with Washington, D.C., the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and several jurisdictions in California to educate and advise them on their SEU Programs. It has also assisted a large city in India and a major city and University in China to implement their SEU programs. For details on FREE’s SEU Initiative, see:
Project Advisor: John Byrne
Project Title: Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) Project
Project Description: The 2014-15 Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) services program addresses the growing problem of ground water contamination in the Delaware Watershed, which is the main source of drinking water in the State of Delaware. Water demand and supply side factors including climate change, population-economic growth, land-use changes and relevant policies will be examined. 4-6 case studies were conducted covering best practice ground water management policies beyond Delaware. A review of research literature established the basis for case study selection. Management practices in Delaware are compared to the findings of the case studies. The overall results of the research informs recommendations aimed at protecting groundwater quality through better management of land-uses in prime recharge areas in the State.
Project Advisor: Lawrence Agbemabiese
Project Title: Energy and Transit Policy Research for the Delaware Senate Energy and
Transit Committee
Project Description: An internship created to work closely with the Chair of the Delaware State Senate Energy and Transit Committee Team, to perform research on policy and technology options that may be helpful to the needs of the State of Delaware.
Project Advisor: John Byrne
Project Title: Delaware Industrial Assessment Center
Project Description: The University of Delaware was selected by the U.S. DOE to operate a regional Industrial Assessment Center (IAC). The UD Department of Electrical Engineering and Center for Energy and Environmental Policy jointly manage the IAC, which assists small- and medium-sized manufacturers in the region to make energy efficiency improvements, minimize waste, reduce pollution and improve productivity.
Project Advisors: Keith Goossen and John Byrne
Project Title: Climate Impact Research for the Delaware Division of Energy and Climate
Project Description: For this project the DNREC intern assisted the Division of Energy and Climate (DNREC) in the implementation of Governor Markell’s newly signed Executive Order 41: Preparing Delaware for Emerging Climate Impacts and Seizing Economic Opportunities from Reducing Emissions. The intern helped in organizing meetings, conducting research, gathering resources and the development of a process that state agencies may use to formulate actionable recommendations to improve the State of Delaware’s resilience to the impacts of climate change. The intern will further serve as a liaison between DNREC and other state agencies to provide technical assistance and resources needed to carry out the implementation of the Executive Order.
Project Advisor: John Byrne
Project Title: Delaware SEU Internship
Project Description: The SEU intern received direction from the Chair of the Delaware SEU Board and Executive Director to assist the organization in research, presentations, briefings, and other matters that contribute to the analytical and organizational needs of the SEU.
Project Advisor: John Byrne
Project Title: Internship with the Delaware Army National Guard
Project Description: The intern received direction from senior facilities management in the development of a sustainable energy master plan for the Delaware Army National Guard.
Project Advisor: John Byrne


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