Energy, Environment and Society

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Energy, Environment and Society

In the Energy, Environment and Society Concentration students gain a broad understanding of climate change policy at local, national and international scales. Student learn about climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions projection scenarios, such as those developed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The concentration includes coursework in social science, economics and statistical analysis, as well as science and technology, in order to prepare graduates for a research career or graduate education in climate change and long-term policy analysis and planning.

The following plan is only an example. Not every student will take courses in the same order. Students must consult with their faculty advisor each semester to decide on their actual plan of study. There are many options for completing each concentration.

EES Illustrative Plan of Study

FallSemester Credits Spring Semester Credits
Freshman UNR: First Year Experience 1 UNR: Critical Reading and Writing 4
Breadth Requirement 4 Breadth Requirements 6
ECON: Introduction to Microeconomics 3 GEOG: Conservation of Natural Resources 3
UAPP: Crafting Public Policy 3 ENEP: Introduction to Energy Policy 3
MATH: Analytical Geometry and Calculus A 4
FallSemester Credits Spring Semester Credits
Sophomore Breadth Requirements 6 Second Writing Class 3
PHYS: Energy, Technology and Society 3 Breadth Requirements 6
FREC/ECON: Environmental Economics 3 GEOG: Computer Methods for Geography and Environment 3
POSC: Politics and the Environment 3 ENEP: Climate Change: Science, Policy and Political Economy 3
FallSemester Credits Spring Semester Credits
Junior Multicultural Requirement 3 Breadth Requirement 6
Breadth Requirement 3 ECON: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 3
GEOG: Resources, Development, and the Environment 3 GEO: Geographic Information Systems 3
GEOG: Physical Climatology 3 ENEP: Sustainable Energy policy and Planning 3
POSC/COMM: Energy/Environment Policy, Public
Opinion, Media and Politic
FallSemester Credits Spring Semester Credits
Spring or SummerSession ENEP: Discovery Learning Experience Internship 3
FallSemester Credits Spring Semester Credits
Senior SOCI: World Population, profiles and Trends 3 SCOI: Environmental Sociology 3
PHIL: Cross-Cultural Environmental Ethics 3 ENEP: Readings in U.S. Energy Policy 3
ENEP: Energy: Resources, Technology and Polices 3 ENEP: Senior Research Paper 6
ENEP: Research in Global Energy Policies 3 CHEG: Green Engineering 3
Advanced Curriculum Elective 3

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