CBC Facilities Request Form

In order to reserve space in the Center for Black Culture, an authorized representative of a registered student organization or University department should complete this form. The following policies apply to all reservations:

» Center for Black Culture Policies and Procedures


Contact Information



Event Information



Regulations guiding the use of University facilities and promotion of events are outlined for student groups in "The Student Guide to Policies." Except as noted in the Guide, University space may not be used for the conducting of religious services or activities that involve the use of alcoholic beverages.

This request is not considered valid until you have received a written confirmation via email from a representative of the Center for Black Culture.

Statement of Responsibility:
I certify that I am an authorized representative of the sponsoring organization/department and have familiarized myself with the University policies regarding this program. My organization will be responsible for adhering to these policies and for any damage to the facility and its contents.

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