Moving onto the second step of the career ambassador interview process, I was invited to the “group interview” with curiosity, but still anxious feelings. I discovered later it was a surprise, and what a pleasant surprise! I was actually selected to participate in the 2012 career ambassador program.  May 2nd, 2012 is one of the most memorable days of my life.

The “group interview” turned out to be a party to celebrate our success of completing the interview. Thinking back at the whole selection process, it was just like a real-life job interview experience?

Now, as an official CAP member, selected out of over 40 applicants, I want to share my thoughts and interview preparation tips with students who may be interested in joining the career ambassador program next year.   Below you will find some interview tips which I found very helpful.

1. Answer application form questions thoughtfully.When applying to participate in the career ambassador program, all students are required to complete an on-line application.  It is important that you take time to carefully respond to all questions on the application.  Questions should be answered with honesty and after you have conducted your research carefully about the organization, its mission and vision.  For instance, CAP’s mission is to assist students in achieving their career goals via marketing important professional development workshops and directing students to use the Career Map.  With that in mind, you should tie your responses closely to the objective of the organization and include your own intentions of why you want to serve as a career ambassador.2. Organize the information in your own way and show your own understanding in the presentation

The second part of the interview is to present a 3-5 minutes presentation on a career services workshop topic. I chose the workshop titled “Job Search Strategy for I0nternational Students” since I am an international student at the University of Delaware.  My desire is to promote this particular workshop to students who have a similar background to mine.  I watched the workshop video and took notes on things that I thought would be pertinent for students to include in my powerpoint presentation (ppt).  In the last slide of the ppt, I included tips on conducting the job search strategy as well as my own thoughts about the job search


 3. Review your resume beforehand and prepare to talk about it in details.

One of the interview questions that I had been asked was “what student organizations are you involved in that assist you with developing professionally.”  Be able to speak about your role in these organizations and elaborate in detail about your college experience.  Practice answering interview questions before you get to the interview.  Just like participating in a sports contest, doing warm ups beforehand is recommended– just like it is also important to practice before an interview. Practicing is helpful in releasing your nervousness and it helps you get your head in the game quickly.

In addition, every interview will contain questions beyond your expectations.  Maybe some questions that the interviewer asks, you have never thought of, but just be confident about yourself and don’t hesitate to respond.  If you need time to think about how to respond, know that it is okay to ask the interviewer let you think about the question or ask whether you can come back to the question.

4. Dress appropriately and be confident and flexible during interview.

The last thing you need to take seriously is the dress code. If you are not sure, just ASK the person who scheduled the interview with you.  As we all know, first impressions are lasting impressions. These impressions whether positive or negative contributes to your final success in the interview process— so make sure you dress appropriately.  An old adage states to dress for the job you want and not for the job that you have.  Just remember, it is better to error on over dressing than to under dress for an interview.

What’s your CAP interview experience? What do you find useful to share with our future applicants?