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Exploring hospitality: Experts speak on hotels bridging health care concept

Lerner College professors Frederick DeMicco and Ali Poorani and College of Health Sciences Dean Kathy Matt among lecturers at global healthcare conference held in Switzerland.



Editor’s note: This article was published on UDaily. The reviews that follow were submitted directly by HRIM students to the department. Save for minor edits to format for consistency, all content is the original work of those students.


Medical tourism and hospitality: Sustainability of the “Hospitel”

Article by Mackenzie Bowman and Mia Trasolini

Ali Poorani and Frederick DeMicco of UD’s Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management delivered the opening session of the Hotels Bridging Healthcare conference, held June 16 through June 19, 2012, at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Wellbeing and Medical Health Center in Switzerland. The conference included panel presentations and discussions on the operational model of Bad Ragaz, the branding of cities and towns for medical tourism, financial investment issues, potential infrastructure and legal issues and the impact on doctor/patience communication.


Balancing the needs of medical tourists and other guests: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz model – The history, the present and future

Article by Lindsay Canell and Jen Turowski

Peter Tschirky, CEO, The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, operates one of the leading wellbeing and medical health resorts in Europe. In his presentation, Tschirky stressed the importance of balance between medical tourism, wellness and five-star ambiance.


Operational model of Bad Ragaz: Success and best practices

Article by Paige Michael, Guthrie Lewis and Li Liu

Chief Medical Officer at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Beat Villiger, stressed the importance of making the institute a medical health center. Villiger discussed the benefits of incorporating this change stating “health is a huge market today, there are many advertisements that promise perfection to people with the use of a health pill.”


Strategic issues: Hotels bridging health care

Article by Sarah Riggert

Lisa Clarke, division chair of Mayo Clinic, discussed efforts of the clinic’s largest community in Rochester, Minnesota, to incorporate technology into health care.


Wellness perspectives: LucerneHealth model

Article by Sam Dominguez and Lauren Hauser

Managing director of LucerneHealth, Dieter Baumgartner, M.D., MBA, discussed Lucerne’s reputation as a top medical tourist destination. LucerneHealth, a group of six hotels and a tourism agency, caters to customers looking for advanced technology and better care combined with scenic views and superb service.


Government, entrepreneurs and financial professionals

Article by Michael Stone and Tong Xu

Michael Herzog, partner, KPMG Zurich, presented on Swiss health care. Herzog introduced an overview of the cantons structure of Switzerland and discussed the costs of Swiss healthcare.


Swiss Health model

Article by Meredith Ganzak and Danica Price

Andrej Relic, executive manager of Swiss Health, provided insight on the advantages of Swiss medical practices over competitors in the medical tourism and hospitality industry and spoke about the benefits of the Swiss Health Model.


Integrated Wellness: The University of Delaware model
Article by Stephen Jones and Morgan Lightcap

Kathleen Matt, dean, UD’s College of Health Sciences, proposed an innovative new business model, the Health Sciences Complex. Provisions to the community include nutrition, nursing, kinesiology, physical therapy, behavioral health and medical technology improvements. According to Matt, the complex provides hospitals a more efficient way to connect with clients and the community.

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