Success Stories

Testimonials from other institutions utilizing the SSC provide an insight into the possibilities that can be achieved through such a powerful platform. Per EAB, SSC testimonials:


Georgia State University

How Georgia State University used data-driven interventions to add $3M in tuition revenue – A case study from Georgia State University

  • About: Georgia State University is a public research university with a total enrollment of 25,945 and a six-year graduation rate of 51%. GSU has historically served large populations of low-income and underrepresented minority students.
  • Challenge: Ten years ago, GSU’s six-year graduation rate hovered around 32% and was especially low for their growing population of Pell students. When Georgia joined Complete College America in 2011, GSU was required to implement a plan to improve student outcomes, with state appropriations tied to these improvements.
  • Solution: GSU saw an opportunity to target resources through structured, data-driven interventions such as course redesign, supplemental instruction, freshmen learning communities, and fee-drop grants. In 2012, GSU joined SSC and extended this data-driven approach to academic advising.
  • Impact: GSU’s advisors use SSC on a daily basis, helping students make smarter decisions, reduce time to degree, and lower their risk—contributing to a 3 percentage point increase in six-year graduation rate since 2012.


Southern Illinois University

Harnessing the power of big data to increase revenue and elevate student success – A case study from Southern Illinois University

  •  About: Southern Illinois University is a Carnegie-classified high research public university with a total enrollment of 17,964 students and a six-year graduation rate of 43%. With “the brains of a national research institution, and the heart of a small college”, SIU serves a dual mission: access and quality.
  • Challenge: Over the past several decades, SIU has lost $30 million in state funding and faced a significant decrease in enrollment, leading the institution to revamp its recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Solution: Partnering with the SSC, SIU armed advisors and administrators with an integrated technology solution to enable shared communication and better decision-making at all levels.


Middle Tennessee State University

Strategic interventions generate rapid persistence gains – A case study from Middle Tennessee State University

  • About: Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is a public research university with a total enrollment of 22,729 and a six-year graduation rate of 52%.
  • Challenge: In response to state-wide pressure to improve outcomes, MTSU created the “Quest for Student Success” plan, but needed a way to track and move the dial on metrics across the institution. MTSU’s advising units were also severely understaffed and under-resourced to serve a challenging student population on the ground.
  • Solution: MTSU set out to drive rapid gains through changes informed by data and best practices. Joining SSC in spring 2014 allowed MTSU to empower staff with data and execute a campus-wide strategy focused on persistence.
  • Impact: Through its partnership with SSC, MTSU was able to increase overall persistence by 1.5 percentage points, retaining an additional 390 students for $1.5M in spring tuition revenue.