University of Delaware

Blue Hen Success Collaborative

The Blue Hen Success Collaborative (BHSC) is a coordinated effort led by faculty, staff and academic leadership to implement and utilize the Education Advisory Board’s (EAB) Student Success Collaborative Campus platform. The Blue Hen Success Collaborative will have a major impact on the work UD can do to support undergraduate students from initial enrollment to graduation. By combining technology, best practice research and predictive analytics, the BHSC will help UD leverage data and manage advising and academic support resources to increase retention and graduation rates for students.

Faculty and staff were involved on the BHSC Leadership Team throughout 2016 to oversee the implementation of the collaborative. The implementation of the BHSC has been staged with features being released in a strategic fashion.  A pilot group of faculty and staff advisors, with representation from all of the colleges, utilized the platform in fall 2016. Additional advisors and campus service offices were added in spring 2017. Full faculty/staff access is being planned for fall 2017 although it will take several semesters before all of the aspects of the BHSC are available to the entire university community.

For more information about the Blue Hen Success Collaborative, please view the About page.