☑ Form: Application for Advanced Degree

All graduate students must submit a signed Application for Advanced Degree to the University of Delaware Office of Graduate & Professional Education (Grad Office). Graduating students are responsible for applying in a timely manner adhering to the application deadlines for each graduating term. Be sure to have your Program Director and committee members sign your completed form. A copy of the signed document will be kept for your student file; and the original will be submitted to the Grad Office.

☑ Notify BIOMS Staff

The Academic Support Coordinator, Victoria King (viking@udel.edu) in STAR 210KK, must be advised of your anticipated graduation date and funding end date at least three weeks in advance. The decision to continue pay past your defense date or to terminate pay cannot be a last minute decision.

☑ Thesis/Dissertation Draft Submission to the Department

A copy of the thesis/dissertation draft (pre-defense copy) must be submitted to the Academic Support Coordinator at least two weeks prior to your defense. This copy is kept in the each student file for the Graduate Program Director and faculty to preview.  The University Thesis and Dissertation Manual must be followed.

☑ Form: Defense Announcement Form

The Thesis/Dissertation Defense Form provides details so that the department announcements can be prepared and distributed. This form must be submitted to the Academic Support Coordinator two weeks prior to the defense.

☑ Doctoral Form: Certification of Dissertation Defense

Committee members and advisors will need to sign the Certification of Doctoral Dissertation Defense before being presented to the Program Director for signature. A copy of the signed form must be kept by the Academic Support Coordinator for your student file; and the original will be submitted to the Grad Office when title pages and signature pages are submitted.

☑ Masters Form: Results of the Thesis Defense Form

The original Results of the M.S. Defense Form will stay in your student file.

☑ Approval/Signature Pages – Preparation

Follow the guidelines provided in the Thesis/Dissertation Manual for preparation. Note: pages are different for masters versus doctoral students. Three copies on 25% bond paper (preferably UD watermark) will be required by the Grad Office. One additional copy is required for the department’s bound copy. Other copies should be prepared at the same time if needed for advisor, committee members, or family member copies. Your department’s Administrative Assistant may be able to assist with printing services as long as adequate time is allowed. Note: The name and title of Deans and Vice Provosts may have changed; be sure to check the current names and titles first.

☑ Approval Pages – Obtaining Signatures

You are responsible for obtaining your committee members’ signatures prior to bringing the signature pages to the Academic Support Coordinator. After the Program Director signs the forms, your signature pages will be delivered to the Dean’s Office for review and signature.

☑ Final Submission to the Grad Office

After receiving the Dean’s signature, three copies of the title page, three copies of the abstract, and all signature pages must be submitted to the Grad Office for their approval and the final signatures. An appointment should be made with their office in advance. During this meeting, you will be provided with instructions for uploading your document as a PDF (electronic submission). Please note the following deadlines:

Dissertation/Thesis Submission Deadlines
Graduation Term Ph.D. Dissertation Submission Deadline M.S. Thesis Submission Deadline
Winter 2016 January 15, 2016 January 15, 2016
Spring 2016 April 15, 2016 April 22, 2016
Summer 2016 July 14, 2016 July 14, 2016
Fall 2016 November 14, 2016 November 18, 2016

☑ Commencement/Convocation Ceremonies

A Commencement Brochure is prepared and distributed by the Office of Graduate & Professional Education by the end of April with complete instructions.

☑ Keys/Fobs

Please be sure to turn in all University of Delaware building keys/fobs (labs, offices, etc.) to your department’s Administrative Assistant, in order to avoid a hold on your diploma, transcripts and final thesis/dissertation.

☑ Procard

Please be sure to turn in your procard to your department’s Business Administrator or Administrative Assistant in order to avoid a hold on your diploma, transcripts and final thesis/dissertation. Please reference the Grad Office website for complete details on university graduation requirements.