Courses are offered in many departments across campus and students can take courses from any Department providing that the course is suitable for his/her Area of Study and that it satisfies one of the requirement of the Plan of Study. Some courses are considered cross-listed which courses that are assigned course numbers from more than one academic department. For example, Mathematics in Biomechanics is listed as BMSC-686 and HESC-686.

Some courses are offered every other year or on an “as needed” basis so students should contact course instructors directly to determine if the course will be offered and if so, when. New courses are often assigned an “Experimental Course” number that ends in -67 (ex. BMSC 667 or PHYT 867). Therefore, course descriptions and syllabi may not be available on line. If you include an experimental course in your POS, a course syllabus must be attached.

All graduate students may transfer three graduate courses (totaling to a maximum of nine credits) from another institution or use credits earned at University of Delaware. However, only transferrable credits that did not satisfy other degree requirements (outside BIOMS) will be accepted in the POS. Students are required to provide the course description and syllabus from the institution whilst submitting the POS for approval. All documents should be emailed to the Academic Support Coordinator, Victoria King at The Executive Committee will then make a formal and final decision.

Please select a course category from the left to peruse the approved courses for BIOMS. If a course is not listed, use Course Search to see if it is available and contact your advisor for course approval.