Mission Statement

The mission of the Blue Hen Investment Club is to provide a valuable educational experience to its members by allowing them to manage a real dollar investment portfolio. Through rigorous training and hands on experience, members learn about the most important aspects of finance and investing, while developing strong teamwork, public speaking, and analytical skills. This experience is facilitated through the fund’s weekly meetings, sector meetings, trainings, workshops, and guest speakers.

Investment Philosophy

The Blue Hen Investment Club seeks to outperform the S&P 500 Index on a risk-adjusted basis. To achieve this goal, the fund takes a value-oriented approach to investing by identifying undervalued securities and taking positions in them. This process is consistent with a long-term approach to investing. Furthermore, the fund is committed to diversifying its portfolio between different sectors to not only capture the full breadth of opportunity in the markets but also minimize the risk from a potential over-concentration of capital.

Organizational Structure

The fund is led by an Executive Board, chaired by the President. The Executive Board appoints Sector Heads to lead the seven sectors that the fund is divided into. Each Sector Head is supported by a team of analysts. The investment fund is advised by Professor Richard Jakotowicz from the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics Department of Finance.

Selection Procedure

Recruitment to join the Blue Hen Investment Club is held at the beginning of each semester. Applicants are asked to submit their resumes for an initial screening. Selected applicants will then go through an interview process that evaluates their analytical ability and previous experiences. The fund also offers a one-credit training course called FINC120 for those who are interested in learning more about the club’s research process.

Education Process

The Blue Hen Investment Club, since its inception, has served as a key component of finance education at the University of Delaware. With the help of many club members and Sector Heads, we have rolled out an online education portal, complete with detailed explanations of a wide variety of fundamental analysis techniques, formula sheets, Excel-based valuation templates, and Google Form quizzes. These tools are intended to be used by anyone participating in the club’s initiatives, from students in FINC120 to seasoned analysts looking for a refresher course before an important interview. Please send any comments or requests for content to the current Director of Operations.

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