Department Chair & Assistant Chair
P. Michael Peterson Department Chair & Professor 302-831-1014
Sandra D. Baker Department Assistant Chair & Assistant Professor 302-831-0856
Department Faculty Members
David A. Barlow Associate Professor BHAN, Director Center for PreMed and Health Studies, Director CAS Medical Scholars Program 302-831-3030
Janice M. Bibik Associate Professor & HPE Program Director 302-831-3537
Sheau Ching Chai Assistant Professor 302-831-7345
Sharon Collison Clinical Instructor 302-831-1370
Nancy A. Cotugna Professor
Adam Davey,  Professor  302-831-3856
Gregory M. Dominick Assistant Professor 302-831-3672
Karen F. Edwards Associate Professor 302-831-8605
Cheng-Shun (Richard) Fang Associate Professor, DPD Program Director 302-831-1020
Stephen C. Goodwin Associate Professor 302-831-4451
Andrea Grim Clinical Instructor 302-831-8611
Sean Healy Assistant Professor 302-831-3997
Richard E. Killingsworth Associate Professor 302-831-3101
Marie F. Kuczmarski Professor 302-831-8765
Anja Leefeldt Clinical Instructor & Dietetic Internship Director 302-831-4989
Laura Lessard Assistant Professor 302-831-6587
Marc Lodyga Assistant Professor of Instruction 302-831-6670
Michael Mackenzie Assistant Professor 302-831-8974
Iva Obrusnikova Associate Professor 302-831-8032
Elizabeth M. Orsega-Smith Associate Professor 302-831-6681
Carly Pacanowski Assistant Professor

Freda Patterson Assistant Professor 302-831-6588
Shannon M. Robson Assistant Professor 302-831-6674
Beth Schwenk Dietetic Internship Supervisor & Clinical Instructor 302-831-3538
Kelebogile Setiloane Associate Professor 302-831-1560
Christine Skubisz Assistant Professor 302-831-1006
Jillian Trabulsi Associate Professor 302-831-4991
Kristin Wiens Clinical Instructor & Foods Lab Coordinator 302-831-1367
Academic Advisors
Susan Coffing Academic Advisor 302-831-2252
Emily Lodyga Academic Advisor 302-831-6176
Department Staff
Carrie G. Johns Administrative Assistant III 302-831-8729
Tory McHugh Administrative Assistant III 302-831-2079
Karen Murphy Business Administrator I 302-831-2265
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