My name is Brianna and I am a BHAN alumni! I graduated from UD in 2013 and immediately moved to Portland, OR to study Acupuncture and Chinese medicine! I am in my final year of the four-year Masters Program at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and so many exciting things are happening! Currently, I am an intern in the student clinic, seeing patients three days a week. I also intern at Outside In, a wellness center that offers medical services to homeless youth and other marginalized groups that would otherwise not have access to medical care. We help patients move toward a place of improved health and self-sufficiency.
I have found that my degree in Health Behavior Science has been exceedingly valuable as I help patients navigate their most optimal route to wellness. As we learned, change does not happen overnight and I have found that with manageable goals set each week, my patients return for their treatments feeling empowered and confident in their abilities to change their behavior and better their lives! I feel so grateful to be able to synthesize my studies at UD with Chinese medicine so that I can work with my patients in a cooperative, collaborative way and create a treatment plan that subtly introduces ways to change behavior and work towards a place of overall wellness and balance.
Additionally, with my background in research from UD, I have joined a research project at my current school which will look at the effects of acupuncture and Chinese medicine on patients with erectile dysfunction. I am so excited to use my knowledge from my BHAN studies to work with esteemed researchers and doctors in the field of Chinese medicine!
I am very much looking forward to the continued ways I will be able to use my degree from UD as well as my Masters of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in order to help people return to a place of unequivocal balance and wholeness. Behavioral health and nutrition is an integral piece of the cumulative treatment that focuses on treating the entire person, helping them return to a place of balance, and ultimately achieve optimal well-being. Thank you, UD, for providing me with the essential foundation I needed in order to further my studies so that I can help as many people as I possibly can!
Brianna SasCiampoli, Class of 2013