Director’s Message

GrierWelcome to the web page of the American Civilization Program. I am a 1988 graduate of the program myself; I had the honor of preparing my dissertation under the supervision of Richard Lyman Bushman, the founder of the program. It’s pretty great that, when I returned to the Department of History as a professor, I was asked to direct the program that shaped my own career and intellectual life.

The American Civilization Program has evolved since my time as a student, and this page contains information about some of the opportunities our students have that were not available when I was taking courses. As you explore this web page, you will meet some of our current students and recent graduates and learn about their intellectual interests.

If you would like to discuss an application to the American Civilization Program, please contact me via e-mail at If you plan on visiting Delaware prior to your application, we will be glad to create opportunities for you to meet with current students.

With best wishes,

Katherine C. Grier
Professor, Department of History

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