University of Delaware

Faculty mentoring


UD ADVANCE will offer annual panels for faculty across ranks. A promotion and tenure (P&T) panel for assistant professors will include newly tenured and selected senior faculty as panelists (with a focus on those who have served on P&T committees). A panel for associate professors (post-tenure), with full professors as panelists, will address the uncertainty that associate professors often experience regarding career progression. A panel on leadership opportunities for full professors will include panelists who hold positions such as department chair, dean or named professor.    Notes from Promotion & Tenure Panel, 2015 & 2016

Associate Professor Mentoring

We will develop a formal mentoring program for associate professors. Chairs will assign associate professors a full-professor mentor, who will be trained through workshops to mentor post-tenure faculty. Mentor-training workshops will focus on the unique needs of associate professors, in addition to general best practices for mentoring faculty.  Articles Relevant to Associate Professors

Faculty Allies

The following faculty have indicated their willingness, and have received training, to talk with faculty, particularly faculty who are underrepresented within their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) or SBS (Social and Behavioral Sciences) unit, regarding concerns about UD/departmental policy, procedures or practices. In some cases these faculty may be able to advise you directly, but in general they should be regarded as a resource who can to direct you to other appropriate resources. The choice of who to contact is yours, contact should begin with a brief e-mail to the individual requesting a meeting/phone call.

Michael Chajes – Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Pam Cook – Unidel Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematical Sciences

J.-P. Laurenceau – Unidel A. Gilchrist Sparks III Chair, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Pat DeLeon, Trustees Distinguished Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Nii Attoh-Okine – Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Karen Rosenberg – Professor, Department of Anthropology

Ismat Shah – Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Resources for Formal Mentoring

UD ADVANCE Faculty Mentor-Mentee Checklist Year 1 – 7