University of Delaware



Pam Cook, Principal Investigator (PI)

  • Pam Cook (-Ioannidis) is UNIDEL Professor of Mathematics at and Associate Dean for Faculty in the College of Engineering. Dr Cook received her PhD in applied mathematics at Cornell University. She received a N.A.T.O. Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. She joined the math faculty at UCLA, where she received tenure. She has since been at UD, where she served as mathematics department chair for nine years. Her research has been in modeling, asymptotics, and nonlinear partial differential equations, particularly as relevant to transonic aerodynamics and complex (viscoelastic) fluids. Dr. Cook is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and an Associate Fellow of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). She has served as editor-in-chief of the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (SIAP), as elected secretary of SIAM, as vice president for publications of SIAM, and as president of SIAM. She has received the national WEPAN (Women Engineers ProActive Network) University Change Agent Award, the UD Trabant Award, and the UD Torch Award for her work in supporting, and increasing the number of, STEM women faculty at UD.   

Robin Andreasen, Co-PI

  • Robin Andreasen is an Associate Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science at the University of Delaware (UD). She earned her PhD in philosophy and specializes in philosophy of science, philosophy of social science, and in science and policy. She is a co-PI UD’s ADVANCE-IT grant. A race and gender scholar, Dr. Andreasen is research director for UD ADVANCE.  Her current focus is on diversity in the academic workforce. She is also well known for her numerous publications on ethnicity and human evolution as well as the concept of race in medicine.  She is on the editorial board of journal Critical Philosophy of Race and was the editor for a special edition of the journal The Monist. Dr. Andreasen was an active participant in University of Delaware’s ADVANCE PAID grant and continues to devote her time to projects that aim to improve the advancement women faculty at UD.

Heather Doty, Co-PI

  • Heather Doty is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. She earned her Ph.D. in physics at the University of California Santa Barbara, where she studied the electronic properties of semiconductor heterostructures at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. She worked as a patent examiner specializing in semiconductor devices before coming to UD. As co-PI and UD ADVANCE Faculty Associate to the Provost, Dr. Doty is primarily responsible for overseeing ADVANCE activities that directly impact faculty (e.g., faculty workshops and panels). Dr. Doty advises UD’s Women in Engineering Graduate Student Steering Committee and is a member of the College of Engineering’s Diversity Committee and the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment’s Diversity Committee. She is the 2017 recipient of UD’s Trabant Award for Women’s Equity. Dr. Doty conducts research on diversifying the academic STEM workforce and teaches classes that apply physics concepts (thermodynamics and classical mechanics) to engineering applications. 

John Sawyer, Co-PI

  • Dr. John Sawyer (Ph.D. University of Illinois) is Professor of Management in the Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics and the Associate Provost, Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at the University of Delaware. Sawyer’s research has focused on science and technology management, organizational-technology systems, and negotiations.  As associate provost he works to assure accessibility, transparency and usefulness of data and information for institutional decision-making.

Shawna Vican, Ph.D., Director, UD ADVANCE Institute, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice

  • Shawna Vican is a sociologist who studies processes of organizational and institutional change, with a particular focus on the adoption and implementation of new employment practices and corporate social behaviors.  Across her research, Shawna seeks to understand how organizational practices, managerial behavior, and workplace culture shape individual career outcomes as well as broader patterns of labor market inequality.  Shawna received her Ph.D. in sociology from Harvard University and was previously a Research Fellow at Catalyst Inc.

Ursula Anderson, Senior Institutional Research Analyst

  • Ursula Anderson joined the UD Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness in January 2017. She provides data analysis, reporting, and program review support for gender equity and diversity initiatives of the UD ADVANCE Institute. Ursula brings both institutional and scientific research experience to the ADVANCE team. Her previous institutional research experience focused on the undergraduate student experience and student success initiatives. She received her PhD in Experimental Psychology from Georgia Institute of Technology and was a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Infant and Child Cognition Lab at Boston College.

Lynn McDowell, Administrative Assistant

  • Lynn McDowell is the backbone of the ADVANCE Institute as she provides support for all administrative and financial tasks. She has brought to ADVANCE her 15 years of experience at University of Delaware.  

Joan Buttram, Internal Evaluator

  • Joan Buttram is the Director of the Delaware Education Research & Development Center at the University of Delaware. She has 40 years of experience conducting program evaluations at the local, state, and national levels.